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First things second.

A Jellyfish!

Jellyfish are bloody amazing.

I wanted to play with the image processor here, so I can see how theme changes impact the look and feel of the site.

Also, Jellyfish are freaking amazing. I mean, how the hell is that thing even considered alive? It is basically a floating nervous system, and nothing else. No cardiovascular system, no bones, no digestive system. When it eats, it simply absorbs its prey.

Aliens, I tell you.

Oh, and if I do post an image here it is either one I captured or one I need to make a point, and credit will be given to the owner.

As you were…



This isn’t my first blog, but that hardly matters. The first was a personal site dedicated to pouring out my emotions, mainly frustration, and some experiences. In short, it was shit. I maintained that for about 6 years before deciding to download the entire thing and delete it from the web entirely.

This time around, I will be focusing on topics somewhat more relevant… to me. Mainly my commentary on what’s going on in the world, both corporate and political (same thing, amIright?), as well as emerging trends in technology and where I think things will go next. I figure, since I spend most of my day working in technology it is high tide that I start sharing some of my thoughts more openly.

More to come.